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How does Robert like Chongqing?

I knew almost nothing about Chongqing when I decided to teach here, so there was a steep learning curve after I arrived. I had heard stories about foreigners who could get by quite easily in cities like Shanghai or Beijing, but Chongqing is different. Although daily life is more difficult here, I believe that it allows a more authentically Chinese experience.

There are two characteristics of Chongqing that truly stand out to me. First is Chongqing's famous spicy food. The food here might be a challenge for others, but I like the heat. In fact, I enjoy the food so much that I spent my summer vacation learning Chinese cooking so that I can bring these dishes home to the United States.

My other favorite part of Chongqing are the mountains. There are many good mountains for hiking inside and outside the city. Getting to some mountains can be a struggle, but it is worth it when you start hiking and climbing the mountain.